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He said he was going to draw my portrait some time because he was so inspired by my body.

He wrote to me that he loved our past and present, and was excited for our future.

Then 24 hours later.

It was all so sudden.  Literally he’s made all of these decisions in the past 24 hours.  And I literally was just with him 48 hours ago for my birthday, and everything seemed fucking perfect.  I thought we were heading in an even better direction than before.

For the past three months I have felt more loved than ever before.  Now I don’t know what to think.  

I hate that in order for him to be happy, we have to cut off all ties.  

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Thank God for her words and melodies.

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I can be okay.  He needs space.  He’s confused. He’s in a very dark place.  He needs to detach from the whole world and find out who He is.  He needs to be happy.  I want Him to be happy, however He has to achieve that.

Because I Love him.  More than anyone before.  Maybe more than anyone after.

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But why are telenovellas so ridiculous.

Jack Nicholson photographed at his home by Arthur Schatz, 1969.

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Brigitte Bardot by Just Jaeckin, 1968


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sister jude or fiona goode

Ava Gardner and Clark Gable at the MGM 25th anniversary luncheon, 1949

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The Blonds New York Fashion Week S/S 2015

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Anjelica Huston, Manolo Blahnik & Grace Coddington by David Bailey.